Your Modern, Minimalist Office
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia
Photo credit: Courtesy of National Office Furniture

When it’s time to use a new office furniture plan to give a workspace a makeover and foster productivity and engagement, the big question is what to buy – and how to lay it out. At Mammoth Office Furniture, we invest in offering our customers our space planning design service because we know that it’s so important to approach this on a case-by-case basis. There’s no one single easy answer for creating the right modern minimalist look. However, we also know that there are specific guidelines that we see every day that are helpful ways to make your business look its best. We deal with customers day in and day out – we see the demand for a modern minimalist style. We know what this looks like, and we can help your company to plan your needs out quickly and effectively.

Low-Profile Furniture

We’re not in the days of King Louis anymore – and the kinds of grand oaken desks and tables that were so en vogue in past centuries are no longer what most of our customers are looking for. What companies want (or really, need) is sleek, modern designs that give the right impression – the impression of productivity and competitive modernization – the impression that there’s a lot going on in the room. Another big benefit of minimalist modern style, though, is that it gives people room to think. You might laugh at this idea unless you really walk through hundreds of offices and felt the effect of a lean, mean layout model compared to a cloistered, clustered mess.

Desk and Chair Designs

For some of our most popular desk and table designs, the key is slimming furniture down to a space. Browse our collection of popular minimalist desks and you’ll see pieces of furniture that are ultralight and ultraportable with “stick figure” design – immaculate white polished tabletops, or titanium or black surfaces with slim straight legs that allow people to see through the furniture into the room. There’s a lot that’s helpful about this design, as we can explain while we’re putting your design space plan together.

Chair Designs

Power chairs are important – and even some of the best models from ten years ago really don’t measure up to what you can get now. We like to promote certain types of Herman Miller chairs and other chair designs that go with your modern table or desk – for example, a rib-backed black executive chair that is, again, slimmed-down and streamlined as opposed to padded and bloated. There’s no room for extra padding in today’s office – in a wide variety of ways, less is more, and minimalist style is allowing companies to push their boundaries and explore the future. If this all sounds kind of abstract to you, come in and see what we’re about. Our furniture experts can show you why a clean, minimalist style is so engaging and what it does for a business every day. Let us help you to replace old, broken or worn furniture or design an entirely new space to take your business to the next level.