Value with Style
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

If you’ve been in the office furniture world for a while, you know that for many buyers, it’s all about value. Value is king – it rules the balance sheet. It also greatly influences buy-in for any given business decision. Capex and opex are the pillars on which business revolves. So business buyers are absolutely going to be focused on value. Have you ever heard anyone ask about “ROI?” Do you know what it’s short for? That’s right – return on investment. The idea of getting “good ROI” has absolutely permeated the business world – especially as margins get tight. It even applies to items like office furniture. Back in the boom days when the Dow was spiraling up, some companies were profligate spenders. But now people – and companies – are getting more frugal and serious about how they spend their money.

Adding Value

Now by saying “value” above, we’re talking about the size of an expense. Keeping expenses lower adds more value, because it leaves the business more money to play around with. But it’s not really true value unless you factor in the results. Business people like to talk about “opportunity cost” – a type of economic approach that really looks at the full context of every business decision that you make. For instance – what are the costs of going with a particular furniture store measured against the cost of some other option? What about the value of having a seat in a nice, comfy chair? That’s a value, I’d say. There’s also the value of ergonomics, where having furniture that supports human health can reduce things like absenteeism and turnover, and boost others, like discretionary productivity and morale.

Adding Style and Utility

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we believe that you can get good value without sacrificing style or functionality. That’s why we’ve developed our flat rate Mammoth Office Furniture used price guide where you can see that you get simple flat rates on every unit that you purchase. What you also see when you visit our website is how we take care to refurbished and reconditioned furniture to a very high standard – you’re not just getting cheap furniture – you’re getting excellent furniture that comes at low prices. Here’s another example – working with our textile vendor, Guilford of Maine, we’ve come up with some stunning fabric and color choices including attractive lemon, pool, turquoise and orchid colors that help our business buyers get the bit most bang for their buck – helping them to create the most attractive and functional spaces while spending the least amount of money, or at least, conserving part of that operating capital. The sweet spot, in the eye of the buyer, is when they can get really good results without breaking the bank. We’re here to help you do that so come check out everything we have to offer at our Herndon, Virginia location.