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Uh-Oh! Breakage at the Christmas Party
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Sometimes not everyone behaves themselves at the Christmas shindig – and the furniture suffers! Actually, a high-traffic office is a place where breakage can happen anytime of the year – but there’s something about the holidays that just brings out the wildness in people. We’ll never forget the harried office manager who rushed in just after the new year nearly tearing her hair out. “An open bar in the actual office?” she said ruefully. “Never again!” It might sound like just a funny story, but these things happen – and when they do, there’s somebody who is responsible for getting everything back in good shape. In this case, our buyer had a coffee and was able to assess the situation a little more calmly. We sold the company a table to replace one that had been apparently jumped on, and a desk to replace one that had been inadvertently broken during some sort of impromptu karate demonstration. That’s one way that furniture becomes a casualty of the Christmas party – people just don’t think about what they’re doing. They get caught up in the magic of the moment and imbibe too many “Christmas spirits” and, well, things get out of hand. In reality, though, even if you have a tamer Christmas party, furniture can still get broken. Sometimes, it’s in the lead-up to the event – people are rushing around trying to change the layout to accommodate a festive scene in what’s usually a button-down workspace – and in the course of pushing everything out of the way, something breaks. Then there’s the old classic case of misbehavior where classic holiday revelry leaves the office looking like a hurricane came through. Some people take it as a badge of honor and a sign that people had fun at the Christmas party. But others don’t relish having the extra workload of trying to tidy up the office and find replacement furniture while also putting together reports for the New Year’s numbers projections. If your office had some Christmas-related damage, or if you want to add some style and functionality for the years ahead, come on down to Mammoth Office Furniture. We’ll talk to you about the best ways to replace or repair desks, tables, chairs and anything else that’s not in good working condition. Start the new year on a good footing with a well furnished and stocked office. The new year is also a good time to let us help with design and space planning services to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your office space – we’re happy to help, and hoping you have a safe and happy holiday season!