The Student Model – Why Your Teams Outgrow the Office
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

When your kid gets his or her first guitar or violin or trumpet, they’re not likely to be carrying around a Stratocaster or a Stradivarius. Most people start off with the student model – it may have fewer features, or be smaller or be made a lot more cheaply. The idea is that you’re just starting out – and you don’t want to put too many resources into a decision that might only be temporary. Later, as the student learns the instrument better, he or she, or their parents or employers or other backers, might buy a bigger and fancier instrument.

Outgrowing the Initial Office Space

Businesses are like that, too. Suppose you started off with a few simple workstations that were composed of mediocre hardware at the time. Several years down the road, you’re scaling, and your hardware is also getting obsolete. So you have to grow. Think about the furniture that you use to set up an office. If you’re replacing the hardware and everything else, you really should be replacing the furniture, too. After all, it’s getting older, and in some cases getting more obsolete – and your staff is probably growing.

Transitioning with Mammoth Office Furniture

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we pride ourselves in helping customers to develop dynamic space planning. We don’t just sell furniture – we consult on how to renovate and improve a business space as the company makes progress in its markets. Think about some of the most impressive corporate offices that you’ve seen in the past few years. Do they usually have 1970’s style furniture or old beaten up desks and chairs? No – most of them switch up the furnishings to complement new items like those neat vertical fountains on the wall, or new flooring styles, and do a complete refresh to make an office look like a million bucks. Office managers don’t do these things just to make things look better – there’s good evidence that a visual refresh and an investment in new and ergonomic furniture can boost productivity, increase the reputation of a business, and ultimately help profits to grow. Ask Mammoth Office Furniture about how to move forward if you’ve outgrown your original office plan.