Standing and Moving Furniture

Standing and Moving Furniture
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Anyone who’s been in the work world for a while knows that so many things about the way we work are changing. Today’s office doesn’t look like the offices of the 1980s and 1990s. Things are just different. For one thing, there’s a lot more technology. So many processes now are computerized or augmented by intelligent software. Another big shift is from a traditional office where items and objects in the office are just things that people use in non-customized ways, to a new approach where there’s a lot of thought put into what gets installed in an office building.

The Standing Desk

One of the biggest sea changes in the modern workspace is the standing desk. In the old days, when so much of our daily work was physical and required physical activity, a sitting desk made abundant sense. Most people only sat at their desks a couple of hours per day, or they were walking or doing other physical work around their office jobs. You didn’t see a whole lot of 18th-century people clamoring for more labor-intensive work setups or, for that matter, standing desks. In fact, throughout the 1980s and 1990s, there wasn’t really much of a push for these kinds of furniture either. People saw a chair as something to sit in. But now, it’s not quite that way any more. Now, with so much labor-saving technology, we have started to become very sedentary. People are seeing this now and becoming alarmed. We’re simply sitting too much. Since it’s important to get up and move around from time to time throughout the day to get the circulation going, among other reasons, standing desks have become abundantly popular. There’s a big shift away from desks that only accommodate a fixed sitting position to versatile desks that you can raise or lower at will.

Movement Chairs and Other Gear

The standing desk, though, is really just the beginning. The bottom line is that workers and others who are doing sedentary work want to have furniture that allows them to move and exercise throughout the day. For instance, balance boards are now popular because they destabilize the body so that you have to work to stay balanced. Check out these adjustable movement chairs that are now becoming popular in schools. Mammoth Office Furniture understands where things are going in today’s work world. We know that it’s important to buy for the future – not to just get whatever is cheapest, but to really look at what’s needed. That’s why we help our clients come up with comprehensive planning for their offices, and why we always offer these types of versatile movement-friendly chairs and desks. Talk to Mammoth Office Furniture about setting up a comprehensive, long-range design plan for your office, and getting the right mix of furniture to support health and productivity.