Spring Cleaning? Replace the Old Stuff!
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

It seems hard to believe it’s almost springtime again. But we’ve been through so much cold and snow and slush that spring seems positively wonderful! As the robins start to sing again, you just might be trying to decide how to spruce up your office for spring cleaning. A spring refresh is a great way to power up productivity, improve morale and make your workspace just that much brighter. You and your coworkers spend massive amounts of time inside the office, so it pays to invest in quality furnishings and a good environment, not to mention ergonomics and comfort. If you’re wondering about which way to go with a spring office furniture refresh – WE GOT YOU! Mammoth Office Furniture has the affordable and attractive office furniture you need to really make a splash this spring. Take a look at items from our Canvas collection, which the company describes as “an effortless choice for realistic and stylish laminate product that gives you the warm aesthetic of wood.” Choose from colors like Sugar Maple, Williamsburg Cherry, Studio Teak, Columbia Walnut or Espresso Finish. You can also choose design styles that fit with what’s already inside your space; pull hardware options range from simple flat lines to curved contours, or tapered pieces that make your office look refined and impressive. When you look at these office suites, you understand the sleek, modern beauty of the Canvas collection. These clean lines really make an office look good and it’s easy to accessorize your desk, chair and cabinet with bulletin boards and other items. We choose to offer the Canvas collection because it looks so much like wood, but offers the benefits of having a laminate furniture set. This is made in the USA laminate furniture that goes well with a variety of styles and corporate settings. In addition, ask us about the bright new textile colors we get from our vendor Guilford of Maine – look for lemon, pool, turquoise and orchid upholstery colors to make chairs or sofas pop! We’re excited about offering all of this merchandise at 30% off of list price, as well as offering space design assistance for customers. When you’re out chasing brightly pastel Easter eggs or wearing your favorite brightly colored shirts and dresses to Easter celebrations, you can also be enjoying neat new furniture options where you work. Come on down to our Herndon, Virginia warehouse and showroom and look up all of the options that we offer for busy professionals this year.