Space Saving

Space Saving
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

There’s a big mistake that we tend to often make when we’re trying to set up an office or other workspace – we tend to think of furniture as ‘just a commodity’ – as just a set of pieces that sit inside a building, to accommodate people. In reality, furniture is much more than that. It’s a key part of the holistic environment that we create to facilitate good work and productivity. Lots of us spend eight hours a day or more at work. That makes it important to be comfortable. It makes it important to design spaces that support our health and quality of life. Think of it this way – cutting corners on furniture can lead to less enjoyable and less healthy hours at work. So by the same token, making a better (not necessarily bigger) investment in office furniture creates real value.

Comfort, Ergonomics and Safety

It’s also important to prevent chronic illnesses like repetitive motion injuries and lower back pain. In addition, managers and supervisors have to think about the logistics of keeping workers safe, such as complying with fire safety rules when choosing an office layout. The good news that is the all of these things, in some sense, go together – with a comprehensive furniture and work floor plan, you make sure that employees are both comfortable and safe. That’s why a lot of state agencies and trade associations highlight the importance of good workspace planning. Check out this pamphlet from the California state department of Human Resources on the “ideal ergonomic workstation” to see some of what’s important in office planning.

Using Mammoth Office Furniture’s Space Management Service

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we don’t just deliver chairs and desks. We see ourselves as a key consultant for client businesses, with a mandate to move forward and address their needs. We take an active approach in helping buyers to figure out what’s really going to work in their buildings, and what kind of effect their choices will have. When a company chooses us to deliver furniture, we set up a session to go over how the client’s office works. We discuss what happens day to day at your office, and what’s needed to really support daily workflows. We then present the plan, so that our clients can see our vision for their interior spaces. We work with clients to develop a design plan that ‘checks all the boxes’ and provides the right mix of convenience, comfort and ergonomic value. At delivery time, we use this developed plan to make sure that when we leave, your office is just the way you need it. Think about getting maximum productivity and maximum benefit from the new or used furniture that you order by working with Mammoth Office Furniture to create one of these excellent comprehensive plans for office layouts.