Quality Hardware is a Must

Quality Hardware is a Must
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Most hardware fittings for desks and other pieces of furniture are only a few dollars each – so why are they such an important part of the furniture that you buy? Well, for one thing, better hardware fittings create a much better style, and that provides much more value for new or used furniture. It’s those finishing touches that give furnishings a sense of class and impress visitors. When you really think about it, furniture is more than just something that you use – good quality furniture sets the stage for success. There’s also the idea that broken or defective hardware can really make furniture look shabby. When you have cheap knobs and handles with small screws that tend to become loose or break off from the wood, the end result can be really disappointing.

Hardware and Veneer Quality

Part of the idea of buying quality furniture involves sourcing the right pieces, and using the right materials. Nowadays, a lot of residential furniture is made of low-cost veneer or laminate with particleboard or pressboard underneath. When it comes to furniture, they really don’t make it like they used to – and if you’re used to having heritage wood pieces, you’re likely to be very disappointed by poor quality particleboard or woodchip board with some cheap laminate on top. The other problem is that the hardware has a harder time staying bonded to these cheap materials, and that’s another issue with finding the right high-quality office furniture. You’ll see cheaper furniture actually fall apart over time – and even if it structurally holds together, the little things add up in terms of wear. You end up putting in a good number of maintenance tickets for the “infrastructure” that people use to do their work every day.

The Right Furniture Store

The best furniture stores help customers to make sure they have furniture that will stand the tests of time. At Mammoth Office Furniture, we help customers to fill out warranty claims when customers have hardware problems or other issues with new furniture. We also maintain an extensive inventory of used parts to help repair used desks and other furniture. Whatever you buy, you get helpful service so that when something ages and needs repaired, you don’t have to start from square one every time. We offer more than just furniture delivery – we offer a set of services that help office buyers to solve problems and get what they need in the long run. In the end, this is how you really get value with a new or used furniture purchase – you find the right shop that’s willing to stand behind their products and support customers the right way. Ask us about how to get cubicles, chairs, desks, cabinets, and more into your workspace to really support a busy office. With Mammoth Office Furniture, you’ll be sure that you made a good investment.