Please Have a Seat!
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Chairs wear out – that’s just a rule of nature. You don’t have to understand the scientific principle of entropy to know that after a while office furniture that gets used year in and year out starts to look a little ragged.

The question is, what do you do about it?

Office managers and purchasers that are looking for replacement office furniture have a lot of options. They can go to a showroom, or order pristine new pieces of furniture from drop shipping Internet sites. Everyone can buy everything at the press of a button – but what about when you really want quality?

After Your Purchase

A lot of companies go with bottom-dollar reconditioned or refurbished furniture in order to save a buck. But depending on where they bought it, this is not a great experience. The last thing you want to hear on a busy Monday is “hey, boss, my chair doesn’t work right!” It’s important that all of the complicated lift apparatus and ergonomic fasteners and other gear be well conditioned and fully functional in order to get the most out of buying office furniture – and if you think that sounds like a minor detail, think about setting up an office for 10 or 12 new hires at a time! Another part of good reconditioning for used furniture is achieving good clean and sanitary results. It’s not enough to just put used furniture back in circulation – without some kind of quality process to really re-condition furniture to a kind of ‘next to new’ condition, the buyers can really lose out. You don’t want to be left with threadbare, nasty smelling or musty chairs or items that look like they’ve been through a hurricane.

Quality Used Furniture at Mammoth Office Furniture

Here’s a solution – visit Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia and pick out what you want from a large inventory of high-quality pre-owned office furniture. Our chairs will look and feel like they’re nearly new – with all of the fasteners and gear properly attached or included in the accessory kits. That’s because we take the time and care to fully recondition our furniture – to make it ready to make your office look like a million bucks. Investing in a little bit of quality control brings a lot of value to our customers – it means they can be assured that what they get on the truck is going to be satisfactory to them and their workers. Take a look on the website and find out why so many busy offices make Mammoth Office Furniture part of their supply chain.