Solutions For a Safe and Healthy Workplace

A Mammoth Office Furniture, we are committed to helping our customers navigate ways to implement their business needs in the times of the novel Coronavirus(COVID-19).

Here are the options we’ve implemented in recent weeks in order to provide safer avenues of acquiring high quality commercial office furniture for the DC-Metro area community!

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Virtual Consultations

We are officially open to communicate with our clients on any video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype. Get product information, pricing, quotes, and other services when you consult with our sales team virtually. We can also send product literature and samples right to your mailbox – no need to step into our store! Contact Us to have a Virtual Consultation

Following Government Orders and CDC Guidelines

The health and well-being of our customers comes first, so we are implementing additional dis-infection, cleaning and protection measures for deliveries. Our team will be using spray-on products such as Steri-Fab, Lysol and other Virginia Department of Health recommended options for our industry. Our installers and warehouse personnel are equipped with masks and gloves to protect themselves and our customers.


Curbside Chair Pickup

Interested in a commercial-quality desk chair? Contact our sales team today to make a selection! Once your chair is ordered and, in the warehouse, we will assemble, clean, sanitize, and bring it out to put in your car!

20/20 Furniture Drop-Off

We are offering delivery of up to 4 pieces of furniture, within a 20-mile radius, for $20.00! Items will be assembled and sanitized on-site before they can be brought in. (Orders with more than 4 pieces, longer distances and stairs will be subject to extra charges.)

Protect Your Office with These Products

Enclave Sneeze-Guards by MergeWorks

Acrylic panel dividers for transaction countertops.

Clear Room Dividers by ScreenFlex

Portable room dividers that can easily reconfigure rooms of any size at any time!

Switchit Magnetic Mounted Panels by MergeWorks

Magnetic desk panels that can be easily folded up for a barrier or back down for an open work space.

Duplex Workstation Dividers by MergeWorks

Portable dividers that can be configured to accommodate separate workstations and study carrels.

Uptown Desk Dividers

Height-adjustable desk panels that help give you protection above and below workstations.

Personal Protection Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment

Disposable full face coverings that help protect your workforce from infectious diseases.

Floor Markers

Personal spacing discs for public places that can help everyone maintain social distancing

Seating Solutions

Coated Textiles for Chairs

Some vendors are offering to re-upholster their existing chairs with pathogen-deflecting, bleach-cleanable fabric.

Knitted Seat Covers

Fabric slipcovers that are easy to clean.

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