Office Furniture Color Trends – Professional Gray Gains Ground

Office Furniture Color Trends – Professional Gray Gains Ground
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we pay attention to what’s going on in office purchasing. We see significant trends in what buyers want – and use that information to help guide customers with our specialized space planning and furniture matching strategies. Some decisions come down to placement, some come down to style – and some come down to color. Yes, color can make a big difference in furniture choices. Think of it this way – you’re making a substantial investment in equipment and infrastructure. But a lot of the value of furniture relates to how it looks – how it ties the room together. So color and other details matter. How you start out with a buying plan or office renovation will influence what happens further down the road. Doing the research up front and brainstorming your buying plan is a great best practice for making sure you get the final result you were hoping for.

A Trend In Gray

One of the most recent buying trends we’ve seen is a major uptick in dark gray and gray-infused wood laminate options. Specific hues like coastal gray give these grained surfaces a very nice muted ambience. The dark gray veneer tends to always look clean, and provides a modern touch. Even when offices just make a minimal purchase of additional furniture, replacing some of those old 1970s colors like rust orange and tan with these professional grays, they can get an impressive visual result. In fact, lots of business leaders, such as hotel managers or facilities planners, would tell you that making these routine color choices and changes is part of renovating for success.

Choices from Mammoth Office Furniture

If you want to take this particular approach, Mammoth Office Furniture can help – with a wide variety of choices from OfficeSource, Global, and more. Take a look at modern Sterling and Aberdeen sets from Mayline, or some of our newest pieces in the diverse Global line that present these attractive coastal gray, charcoal or other similar color options, along with the particular wood laminate grain that’s so popular for many of our business customers. We can help you with color and style – but it doesn’t stop there. Mammoth’s comprehensive space planning and furniture design service helps our customers to streamline the process of getting exactly what they want in their offices. We’re an active partner in procurement and planning – we take an interest in what you need, and we help get it for you. You won’t get that on the Internet – plus, there’s the excellent customer service and delivery that we provide to our customers. Ask about the best way to renovate your office with any type of furniture purchase Create a professional image that redefines your business.