Matching Pieces: How Consistent Features in Product Lines Add to a Total Office Impression
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Too often, when it’s time to buy new office furniture, whoever’s in charge just views this as a simple transaction and puts minimal time into browsing and choosing products. This achieves the goal in terms of time management, but it also leaves the company with assets that could maybe be a little more valuable with a little more effort put into the purchase.

The Value of Office Furniture

An office desk is something you use to write on, or to place a phone set and computer on. A conference table is something that people sit around. Chairs are meant to hold human bodies, and the best modern chairs are ergonomically designed for that purpose. But there’s another value to office furniture – it sets the stage for the business. If you’ve ever been watching a television show about a brand-new office and marveled at a particular space with its natural light and hardwood floors and attractive, inviting rooms, think about this – the furniture that they placed in those spaces makes a big difference. An office is more than just drywall and carpet. It’s an impression – it represents the business and informs the way that people work. For example, in the past, companies never really put a lot of thought into attracting talent – the idea was they offered jobs as a favor to people who needed work. But these days, with lower unemployment and a lot more knowledge work and skilled work involved, companies are putting effort into getting the best people on board. Making the best impression in a physical office is a big step toward that goal as well. The bottom line is that if you have a physical office, people are going to visit there. It’s going to be full of people trying to accomplish certain things. So the nicer the office is, the more gets accomplished, and the more people are attracted to your corporate brand.

Understanding the Impression of Top Product Lines

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we offer top-class furniture to make a statement in your office space. For example, you can see how these sets from the OfficeSource Contemporary Collection feature fluted edges that help pieces visually go together. Details like a fluted or reeded edge catch the eye in a particular way – they add to the wood or veneer surface visually. Or take a look at the English walnut stains and surfacing that go into some of our other modern office products. It’s all about functionality and style – what people see what they when they walk into your office, and what kind of experience they have. Mammoth Office Furniture will help you pick the furniture plan that works best for your business. We even offer professional consulting on space design and layout. Come down and check out our Herndon, Virginia showroom and find the right assets for your office!