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Laminate and Wood Veneer: Here Are Your Options
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If you don’t look too closely, you could be forgiven for not knowing that most of the wooden furniture you see in your average furniture store doesn’t really have much wood on it at all – or at least, it’s not built of solid wood.

Solid wood is really mostly a thing of the past. Today’s furniture often comes with either laminate or wood veneer. These are two choices for more affordable manufacturing that have pushed solid hardwood furniture into its own niche category.

So how do you choose between different laminate or veneer options?

Laminate Versus Wood Veneer

The first thing to know is that laminate doesn’t involve any wood at all, and is also much cheaper than wood veneer.

Laminate consists of a kind of synthetic material (not wood) applied to a substrate. The result is fairly durable and also can be easily cleaned. That makes laminate a good choice for some types of office furniture. The downside is that it’s not wood, and a lot of people might prefer wood veneer for its authenticity.

Another point about laminate is that if you’re going in the direction of choosing laminate furniture, you don’t have to have a wood-grain design at all. Any design can be fabricated in laminate – just look at some of our modern office furniture catalogs to see how customers are choosing modern solid color or minimalist designs. Laminate can fit the bill pretty well for an office that wants to invest in modernity while controlling cost. But for others, wood is still the way to go, and laminate might seem like a less viable choice.

The Appeal of Wood Veneer

For those who want wood veneer furniture, some of the benefits include the ability to sand or stain the surface. However, along with that, wood veneer will scratch and wear the same way that wood will, where laminate can be more scratch-resistant.

Now that you know a little about laminate versus wood veneer, it’s important to note that there are other ranges of options available in each category. There’s the choice between low-pressure laminate or high-pressure laminate – again, low-pressure laminate is cheaper, but often less durable. Buyers can choose from a range of options that will ultimately affect how they use the furniture.

In terms of wood veneer, there are different thicknesses of veneer to choose from. You can have a very thin outer layer of wood, or a thicker wood veneer for an even more authentic look and feel. In general, the standard is to go with wood veneer in a fraction of an inch – but it’s not hard to imagine how beefing up the thickness by a quarter of an inch or two can contribute to a more solid-seeming outer wooden surface.

Come in to Mammoth Office Furniture and we will help you sort through all of these options to come up with the best choice for your office furniture. We love helping our clients to balance price, style, durability, and the overall impression of the furniture they choose to make sure that they get the results they want.