It’s Not Too Late to Start Out Q1 with a Refresh
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Maybe you’re stuck inside in the winter cold and snow, and you look around and start seeing that your furniture looks a bit drab. Is there still time to upgrade before it’s time for spring cleaning? There is. In fact, many offices choose the month of February to purchase new chairs, desks and other furniture. Did you know that 80% of all used furniture shopping is done in February because St. Valentine was the patron saint of used furniture? Okay, no. Just wanted to make sure you are paying attention. But really though, there’s no better way to say “I love you” to your whole office – and not in a creepy way! – than to purchase the right assets for the workspace and give people the gift of ergonomics and comfort.

It’s certainly better than a handful of sugary hard candies.

As for cost – your used furniture doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out Mammoth Office Furniture’s used office furniture price guide, where you can get chairs starting at $40 a piece, desks starting at around $300, cabinets for under $200 and various shapes and sizes of tables for conferencing and group work and anything else. Also, we work to fully re-condition our pre-owned inventory to a real, evident standard. We don’t just “recycle” – we curate our inventory to appeal to the purchaser. We know you have hard decisions to make – we want to make those decisions a lot easier! Unlike stocking an office with candy, getting good replacement furniture is a real investment in people’s workspace and quality of life at work. Just ask us at Mammoth about how our customers have benefited from getting the right furnishings into their offices. Come down to our convenient Herndon, Virginia location and learn more about how we accomplish great delivery service, excellent customer service and a real dedication to quality. We also like to outfit our clients in style – take a look at some of our new upholstery textiles from Guilford of Maine to get eye-popping colors with green materials that really drive innovation. We’re happy to show you around and help you to find the best new resources for your office – so that when the robins start singing and the tulips are popping up outside, you’ll have an interior that’s just as bright, colorful and pleasant as a fresh spring day!