Go Green for the New Year with Used Office Furniture
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

It’s that time again – time to think about the new year, in this case 2019, and how your office is going to work. Smart office managers know that the physical office itself and the productivity that it facilitates are intertwined. To have the best productivity and workflow, you need the best space. Other companies, sadly, just keep doing whatever they’re doing, with no thought to their physical space, and can’t seem to understand why they don’t have as much robust productivity and growth. Choices matter – and what you put into buying office furniture or any other expense matters! At Mammoth Office Furniture, we take an active approach in getting our customers the best solutions, not just “something that will do.”

An Environmentally Conscious Partner

Part of promoting good morale and a good reputation for a business is looking at green living and sustainable purchasing opportunities. At Mammoth Office Furniture, we’re in the business of helping companies to do that by offering used office furniture that’s clean, fully refurbished and ready to make a splash in your workspace. Part of the principle of green living is reusability. In addition to reducing consumption and recycling, reuse of physical items plays a major part in conserving energy and raw materials. That’s why in our warehouse, we take a good, solid, reusable piece of furniture and refurbish it to a high standard, making sure that our used pieces are in good and serviceable condition and ready to go.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

When some customers think about reusable furniture, they think of the kind of bargain-basement items that you might see in a thrift store or sitting near a dumpster. That’s not what we’re about – all of our used furniture gets a thorough inspection and an actual renovation. We don’t just slap a price tag on used furniture – we recondition it to make sure that it’s in excellent shape for our customers. You can get a glimpse of this process looking at our website where you can see dozens of attractive chairs, desks and pieces of office furniture in our Herndon, VA location. To see more, come down to our showroom and talk to our staff about your options. We will find you the new or pre-owned office furniture that works best for your workspace. Get in now before the holidays, and you’ll be able to start the new year off right with an excellent and well-designed office space to help your company achieve its goals next year.