Getting Around the District

Getting Around the District
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

To those who have never lived and worked in or around Washington D.C., it might seem like a detail, but in fact, traffic, for Northern Virginia residents, traffic is an everyday concern. Commute times are getting longer. It’s getting more and more difficult to move around the district and surrounding areas, and serve territories. Whether you run a product or service business, travel time is becoming more and more of a cost and a concern.

In the District

When you do arrive at your destination, many people encounter significant parking problems. The infrastructure of Washington D.C., which is in many ways as old as the country, is not set up to really handle the parking needs that people have, which puts even more pressure on the infrastructure. Companies that operate without a plan will often see their drivers and their fleets harassed, moved along, or cited by parking police, unable to really park to achieve their goals in an efficient way. Again, this doesn’t sound like a big deal on paper – but if you’re standing up any kind of startup business or maintaining delivery in the district for an established company, it really is a big part of the equation.

Getting your Furniture Delivery the Easy Way

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we understand the pressure that our customers are under. We offer value through our design and space planning program – we offer choice through our new and used furniture catalogs. But we also offer service through our delivery program, where we take on the burden of moving your furniture and equipment to you. It can be tempting to think that companies can cut corners or cut costs by purchasing online, going to a retail facility, and picking up items. This trying to “in-source” delivery is something that managers might think of as a short cut. However, many companies that have tried it swear they will never try it again – and that’s where customers like ours rely on efficient, on-time delivery and let us handle the dirty work of getting these larger commodities and products where they need to go. Ask Mammoth Office Furniture about how we deliver from our showroom in Herndon to all around the metropolitan Washington D.C. area and to other nearby communities. We’ve masterminded our own delivery program so that nobody else has to worry about the logistics of getting furniture on-site – and that pays off for our customers. Any time you need something new for the office, contact Mammoth Office Furniture to get great new and used pieces, great customer service, great delivery and access to payment plans or credit, as well as furniture rentals. You’ve got options with Mammoth – so let us help you to outfit your busy company.