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Flat Prices on Used Office Furniture
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Did you know that at Mammoth Office Furniture, you can get a pre-owned executive desk for $375? That’s just one of the items we have in our used office furniture price guide. The easily accessible guide creates easy flat pricing for various types of used office furniture. That’s why we took the time to add this to our used furniture page! Buyers can get a multifunction task chair for $125, a 48” inch metal cabinet for $100, a six foot conference table for $250, and a coffee table for $100.

Creating Flat Pricing – What That Does for Customers

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we’ve found that a lot of our office buyers just don’t have the time and energy to move around the shop floor looking at various pieces and haggling on price. They don’t want to have to come in and look at various stickers to try to find out how the inventory is priced – they just want to see some kind of flat rate that they can use to estimate purchasing costs. We’ve made this incredibly simple, with a price guide that takes similar pieces and marks them at prices that make the buying decision easy.

Pricing by Size

One way that we establish this flat rate pricing is by specifying size estimates for various pieces. For example, going back to that executive desk, we’ve set that $325 price for a desk with dimensions of 36” x 72″. Or buyers can get a standard desk of 30” x 60″ for $275. You can see additional pricing for larger L-shaped or U-shaped desks. This allows our customers to figure out “how much desk they need” and what it is going to cost them.

A Variety of Furniture

Our price guide includes credenzas, hutches and student desks. Buyers can get flat rates on chairs, bookcases, shelving, refrigerators and tables. It’s all part of streamlining the process for the customer, and making purchasing transparent. It’s easy enough to tally up your costs sitting in the comfort of your own office, (among your family pictures and your own coffee mugs, etc.) and then make your buying decisions. Of course, if you have the time to swing by and look at individual pieces, we’re thrilled. That’s absolutely something our customers can do if they want to! In the end, it’s all about customer choice and customer experience. The best firms in any industry are catching on to that fact, and brainstorming ways to improve business processes to make things easier and more pleasant for their customers. The single flat rate pricing guide is just one of our efforts to enhance the process of buying for our diverse customer base. Take a look at all of our available catalogs online, or come on down to our Herndon showroom and talk to our knowledgeable and courteous staff about what you need for your office this month.