Feature Corner – Ball Bearing Sliders for Drawers
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

If you haven’t bought a lot of furniture over the years, or you haven’t really looked at how it’s put together, you might not really know the difference between different types of drawer sliders. But high-end cabinet makers, interior designers and other professionals know that some of the best options really provide a higher quality furniture installation. Investing in the best features gives your furniture a longer life span, but it also enhances everyday use. When you want the best purchases for your office, it helps to understand what’s on the market and how various options measure up. Ball bearings sliders are a major innovation in the furniture industry. Brand-new luxury kitchen and bathroom installations will often feature these next-generation sliders. Top manufacturers crow about adding these to their drawers. They are really a state of the art design improving on dated home furnishings.

What Are Ball Bearing Sliders?

In a ball bearing slider, the inner bearings are controlled by a ball retainer. This holds the ball bearings and allows the slide to move smoothly. These metal sliders also have different extension options, and are made with either linear or telescopic slides. A video from BBB shows how these types of sliders function.

Benefits of Ball Bearing Sliders

The reason that designers add ball bearing sliders to top-class drawer projects is because of the ‘look and feel’ that they provide. It’s great to have drawers that don’t knock around, but whisper-quiet operation is just one factor. There’s also a smoother, stable or experience of pulling a drawer out or pushing it back in. Where regular rollers can lead to that stiffness that you may feel using an older drawer, ball bearing sliders provide frictionless movement that really enhances your use of a piece of furniture whether it’s a desk, cabinet or other piece.

Implementation of Ball Bearing Sliders

At home and at the office, choosy customers are asking for this feature in top-of-the-line furniture pieces. Look closely, and you’ll probably see that the V.P.’s executive desk has ball bearing sliders as part of its innovative drawer design. Upgrade to these special rollers with new pieces of furniture from Mammoth Office Furniture – we strive to provide the highest quality for our customers as part of a mission to help make your offices look as great as they can, and add the right kinds of functionality for your business operations. With winter coming, it’s a good time to look at your furniture budget for 2019. Ask Mammoth Office Furniture about how to work a new set of furniture into your budget to get better ergonomics, better support, and a better impression for your office spaces. We deliver from our Herndon facility, also offering our special space planning and design services. Let us help you to make a splash with new furniture in your workspace.