Does the Interior Match the Exterior? Some Good Wood Veneer Choices
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Wood veneer sometimes gets a bad rap – in reality, it’s how many manufacturers make top-of-the-line products these days. One of the biggest reasons to use wood veneer is that it can handle temperature changes better than solid wood. It can also be a lot lighter, which is good for when you have to lug heavy pieces of furniture around. The key with wood veneer is quality. You need a quality build – not just a nice attractive surface, but a well-engineered inner core maternal that’s not going to break apart or fold under pressure. With that in mind, let’s dispel the notion that you can’t get great-looking professional grade wood veneer furniture in your office. You don’t have to invest in solid heavy oak or some other hardwood in order to have the classiest, most impressive office furniture. Take a look at this top-level page that Google spits out when you search for wood veneer – for example, you have reconstituted walnut veneer starting at $2.99 per square foot, and you can see the beautiful vertical grain on this quarter cut veneer with various color options. Right next to the one that you have a teak wood veneer that also comes in lighter or darker shades with an interesting kind of staggered grain. For more of a coffee-swirl look, check out redheart options like this one from Woodcraft that really showcases the beauty of natural wood grains while offering the lightness and versatility of a veneer option. If you’re not as much of a traditionalist, you can also get reconstituted wood-grain veneer sheets that have a much more machined-looking flow to them. With the new technology in today’s industry, shoppers can choose from a very wide range of diverse styles. Take a look at what Mammoth Office Furniture offers on our website. We have excellent office furniture offerings from companies like Office Source, Mayline, Global and SP Richards, with attractive, serviceable and durable wood veneer designs. If you still have questions, come on down and let us show you more choices to get what you really want out of your next office furniture purchase. At Mammoth, we excel in helping busy professionals to outfit an office with just what it needs to get business done and make a good impression. Delivery and showroom choice are just the start: we help consult on the best ways to stock office furniture, including our proprietary space design and planning services. Let us help to supply your office from our convenient Herndon, VA location, and you’ll get the best customer service and professional acumen to make your office look great all year round.