Easy on the Doors!

Easy on the Doors!
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

When you’re buying office furniture, it’s easy to ‘under-think’ the situation. You might think of it as a plan to simply pay money for a given desk or chair and get that item inside your office.

But what about what happens in between? What about delivery and installation?

That’s actually a big question, and it’s one that a lot of buyers don’t answer until after the fact – or even after it’s too late. Don’t make the mistake of under-planning for getting new furniture on-site.

Dings, Notches and Divots

It’s all too common for companies to buy inexpensive furniture and get temporary crews to run it upstairs and into office spaces. Then one of the bosses comes in later, and sees gouges and slashes in molding and door jams and trim, and sometimes even holes in the plaster or drywall. Simply put, these jobs can be a mess if they’re not done right. Mammoth Office Furniture takes care to deliver furniture in a responsible way. Our staff can actually take the doors off of hinges to ensure that the furniture comes in without damaging walls, floors or other structural parts of the building – or whatever other furniture happens to be around.

Safeguarding Your Delivery

You might not think you need a performance bond for furniture delivery, but sometimes when people cut corners and they look at the office afterward, they wish they had had some kind of agreement in place. When you get a licensed, insured and bonded company to deliver your office furniture, you’re making sure that you will have financial recourse if anything unpleasant happens. Suppose you’re buying a $300 desk to put in a corner of the room, and it’s going to go next to an old oak handcrafted desk worth $900. The crew comes in with the new desk, slaps it down in the middle of the floor and leaves. But in the process, they slammed the new desk against the old desk, and now one of those heritage oak legs is broken. These are the kinds of scenarios that you don’t often think about when you’re purchasing new desks, chairs or other furniture for an office space. Talk to Mammoth Office Furniture about getting delivery that doesn’t damage your assets. Let us help with safely protecting floors and walls and everything else in your building from the perils of quick and shoddy installation. We stand behind our products, offering a range of service to help with installation, setup, repair and ongoing maintenance. Get what you need from a business partner that will help you out later if you encounter any problems, and get the furniture that you need to really make an office look good and support the important work that goes on from day to day.