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Back to School – Looking for a Good Desk?

Mammoth-Office-Furniture_Herndon-Virginia_Back to School – Looking-for-a-Good-Desk

Back to School – Looking for a Good Desk?
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

It’s that time again – all over the country, students of all ages are heading back to the classroom. From kindergarten to college, Americans are sharpening their pencils and getting their notebooks ready – and that means they are looking for everything they need to succeed!

Back-to-school season is always a big season for furniture retailers. Customers are looking for desks for young students who need a better place to study and keep their books and school supplies. Of course, some are also looking for a study desk for a commuting college student, or a home office desk for an adult who may be taking additional course work or starting a new career.

New and Used Desks Available at Mammoth Office Furniture

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we excel in helping our customers to find the best home desk solutions. Whether it’s a home office setup or a study desk, we can point our visitors in the right direction to get the furniture that will fit their budget while providing great results and long-lasting use.

With our extensive collection of new and used furniture, our customers have a lot to choose from. Take a look at these Aberdeen height adjustable bow front desks that really set the bar high for business or personal use. When you want a top of the line product, desks like these can be a good fit.

If it’s a student desk you’re looking for, you may want something a little more basic; for traditional wooden designs to fit into an elegant home environment, items like the Keswick table desk offer simplicity in design. Or here’s another choice from our catalog of suppliers –the Lorell Essentials Computer Workstation is just one of our designs that retails for under $300.

We also have used desks available: take a look at our Used Office Furniture Price Guide to get deals on desks and more. A 48 inch student desk starts at just $175!

Sitting and Standing or Adjustable Desk Options

Here’s another question you’ll want to ask when shopping for an office or study desk: what’s the best solution for your purchase, a sitting, standing or height-adjustable desk?

For business, standing desks are becoming extremely popular. Medical science is telling us that it’s a good idea to stand from time to time, to lower the pressure on the body’s circulatory system and generally to stretch your legs, preventing some of the problems we find come with long-term sitting.

On the other hand, for students, a standing desk is often unnecessary. Young people tend to be more active, and their studies don’t usually leave them sitting at their desks eight hours a day, so it may not make sense to invest in a standing desk model.

Come take a look at everything you can get for back-to-school time at Mammoth Office Furniture. Get great prices, excellent customer service and convenient delivery from our Herndon, VA location. We’re ready to help you bring your new desk home!

Your Modern, Minimalist Office


Your Modern, Minimalist Office
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia
Photo credit: Courtesy of National Office Furniture

When it’s time to use a new office furniture plan to give a workspace a makeover and foster productivity and engagement, the big question is what to buy – and how to lay it out. At Mammoth Office Furniture, we invest in offering our customers our space planning design service because we know that it’s so important to approach this on a case-by-case basis. There’s no one single easy answer for creating the right modern minimalist look. However, we also know that there are specific guidelines that we see every day that are helpful ways to make your business look its best. We deal with customers day in and day out – we see the demand for a modern minimalist style. We know what this looks like, and we can help your company to plan your needs out quickly and effectively.

Low-Profile Furniture

We’re not in the days of King Louis anymore – and the kinds of grand oaken desks and tables that were so en vogue in past centuries are no longer what most of our customers are looking for. What companies want (or really, need) is sleek, modern designs that give the right impression – the impression of productivity and competitive modernization – the impression that there’s a lot going on in the room. Another big benefit of minimalist modern style, though, is that it gives people room to think. You might laugh at this idea unless you really walk through hundreds of offices and felt the effect of a lean, mean layout model compared to a cloistered, clustered mess.

Desk and Chair Designs

For some of our most popular desk and table designs, the key is slimming furniture down to a space. Browse our collection of popular minimalist desks and you’ll see pieces of furniture that are ultralight and ultraportable with “stick figure” design – immaculate white polished tabletops, or titanium or black surfaces with slim straight legs that allow people to see through the furniture into the room. There’s a lot that’s helpful about this design, as we can explain while we’re putting your design space plan together.

Chair Designs

Power chairs are important – and even some of the best models from ten years ago really don’t measure up to what you can get now. We like to promote certain types of Herman Miller chairs and other chair designs that go with your modern table or desk – for example, a rib-backed black executive chair that is, again, slimmed-down and streamlined as opposed to padded and bloated. There’s no room for extra padding in today’s office – in a wide variety of ways, less is more, and minimalist style is allowing companies to push their boundaries and explore the future. If this all sounds kind of abstract to you, come in and see what we’re about. Our furniture experts can show you why a clean, minimalist style is so engaging and what it does for a business every day. Let us help you to replace old, broken or worn furniture or design an entirely new space to take your business to the next level.

Mammoth Furniture: A Range of Solutions for Clients


Mammoth Furniture: A Range of Solutions for Clients
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Not everyone’s office furniture needs are the same. Sometimes companies don’t just need to scale or grow with new desks and workstations or office suites. Sometimes they just need temporary help – a set of furniture to set up in an empty space, just to keep up with everything that is happening in a building, without planning for the long term. Maybe it’s a corporate function where you just don’t have enough seating, or you need a particular conference setup to host a client coming in from out of state. Maybe a rush project or a storage issue or some other challenge leads to a situation where you need to move furniture around short-term and accommodate more people for a certain length of time. Those who are responsible for setting up office spaces know that it can be a challenging job. The company’s needs can change quickly. Mammoth Office Furniture help clients with versatile plans that involve long-term and short-term office furnishing choices.

Mammoth’s Rental Program

For a monthly fee, Mammoth Office Furniture offers tables and chairs and other sets that can be assimilated into an existing office area for special events or special uses. We can deliver ready-to-go conference infrastructure, or tables for demonstrations or hosting, or anything else from our catalog, and bill customers on a subscription basis – much like the cloud technologies that allow companies on-demand IT elasticity, Mammoth offers on-demand physical office infrastructure – to complement all of those other tools and resources that people need to get the job done.

Office Furniture Financing

In other cases, companies don’t want to rent – they want the delivered furniture to become an asset. They want to be able to have it on site indefinitely. But they may not have the budget for the big capital outlays that will get them the most impressive conference table or the largest set of workstations. Need a new furniture set without the price tag? Get easy financing from a trusted provider who will work with you to manage your office needs well. At Mammoth Office Furniture, we’re used to doing these type of financing deals – it’s no pressure, and no problem. Working with the Navitas credit company, we can offer flexible terms for financing for 12, 24, 36, 40 or even 60 months. This allows us to work with your budget and deliver higher quality furniture without forcing customers to raid the piggy bank or deplete their capital funds to furnish their offices. Along with our rental and financing programs, we offer customized design and space planning services, and the ability to source both new and used furniture that’s perfect for your offices. Talk to Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon about getting attractive high-quality furniture in place in your temporary or permanent workspace around the Washington D.C. Area, NOVA or beyond.

Liquidation: Make it Work


Liquidation: Make it Work
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we excel at helping clients to liquidate their furniture inventories when it’s necessary. When you’re making a move or have to downsize, talk to us about effective and efficient furniture liquidation processes. Here are some of the major strategic steps that help companies to pull off a successful liquidation and get value for their used office furniture.

The Timeline

Simply put, companies have to invest the right amount of time into a plan to liquidate office furniture and equipment. These are large physical assets, and the liquidation process can’t work if it doesn’t have a good timeline. Specialized furniture liquidator services can help to plan out every step of the process, from evaluation to removal to compensation, and make sure that it happens properly.

Inventory Details

Of course, another major challenge is building a precise inventory of furniture. If you’re dealing with anything larger than a few rooms full of desks and chairs, this can be a pretty significant task. However, this really isn’t something that needs to be a huge burden on the client business. Mammoth will help to inventory products and figure out what there is to get rid of, which includes evaluating the state and condition of individual pieces of furniture.

Assessing Liability

Liquidating and removing furniture from an office building isn’t something that happens in a vacuum. It doesn’t happen without liability and a margin of error. Businesses need to be able to plan for damaged furniture costs, storage fees for interim facilities, and costs of offloading furniture to third-party buyers. Again, Mammoth can offer a detailed plan estimate to show the client business how this process is going to work in more detail.

Working with the Liquidator

Here’s another detailed that’s critically important – in a furniture liquidation process, it’s important to have an overall, comprehensive plan. We’ve seen businesses make the mistake of simply valuing the most expensive pieces and making them a priority. What happens, though, is that the business then gets stuck with the less valuable pieces of furniture, and they become a liability instead of even a small asset. How do you avoid this? You do it by working with a trusted liquidator and talking to them about what will happen every piece of furniture, not just solid oak desks or specific pieces that have value to a third party buyer. For most businesses, liquidation is an “all or nothing” deal – they want everything off the premises, not just in order to get top dollar, but so that they can comply with leasing requirements or other responsibilities in the process of vacating the building. Talk to Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon about the nuts and bolts of furniture liquidation. We do it better than anyone else around the DC area. We’re happy to work with you, to put together a plan for your business.

Getting Around the District

Getting Around the District

Getting Around the District
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

To those who have never lived and worked in or around Washington D.C., it might seem like a detail, but in fact, traffic, for Northern Virginia residents, traffic is an everyday concern. Commute times are getting longer. It’s getting more and more difficult to move around the district and surrounding areas, and serve territories. Whether you run a product or service business, travel time is becoming more and more of a cost and a concern.

In the District

When you do arrive at your destination, many people encounter significant parking problems. The infrastructure of Washington D.C., which is in many ways as old as the country, is not set up to really handle the parking needs that people have, which puts even more pressure on the infrastructure. Companies that operate without a plan will often see their drivers and their fleets harassed, moved along, or cited by parking police, unable to really park to achieve their goals in an efficient way. Again, this doesn’t sound like a big deal on paper – but if you’re standing up any kind of startup business or maintaining delivery in the district for an established company, it really is a big part of the equation.

Getting your Furniture Delivery the Easy Way

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we understand the pressure that our customers are under. We offer value through our design and space planning program – we offer choice through our new and used furniture catalogs. But we also offer service through our delivery program, where we take on the burden of moving your furniture and equipment to you. It can be tempting to think that companies can cut corners or cut costs by purchasing online, going to a retail facility, and picking up items. This trying to “in-source” delivery is something that managers might think of as a short cut. However, many companies that have tried it swear they will never try it again – and that’s where customers like ours rely on efficient, on-time delivery and let us handle the dirty work of getting these larger commodities and products where they need to go. Ask Mammoth Office Furniture about how we deliver from our showroom in Herndon to all around the metropolitan Washington D.C. area and to other nearby communities. We’ve masterminded our own delivery program so that nobody else has to worry about the logistics of getting furniture on-site – and that pays off for our customers. Any time you need something new for the office, contact Mammoth Office Furniture to get great new and used pieces, great customer service, great delivery and access to payment plans or credit, as well as furniture rentals. You’ve got options with Mammoth – so let us help you to outfit your busy company.

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