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Flat Prices on Used Office Furniture

Mammoth Office Furniture, Herndon, VA

Flat Prices on Used Office Furniture
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Did you know that at Mammoth Office Furniture, you can get a pre-owned executive desk for $375? That’s just one of the items we have in our used office furniture price guide. The easily accessible guide creates easy flat pricing for various types of used office furniture. That’s why we took the time to add this to our used furniture page! Buyers can get a multifunction task chair for $125, a 48” inch metal cabinet for $100, a six foot conference table for $250, and a coffee table for $100.

Creating Flat Pricing – What That Does for Customers

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we’ve found that a lot of our office buyers just don’t have the time and energy to move around the shop floor looking at various pieces and haggling on price. They don’t want to have to come in and look at various stickers to try to find out how the inventory is priced – they just want to see some kind of flat rate that they can use to estimate purchasing costs. We’ve made this incredibly simple, with a price guide that takes similar pieces and marks them at prices that make the buying decision easy.

Pricing by Size

One way that we establish this flat rate pricing is by specifying size estimates for various pieces. For example, going back to that executive desk, we’ve set that $325 price for a desk with dimensions of 36” x 72″. Or buyers can get a standard desk of 30” x 60″ for $275. You can see additional pricing for larger L-shaped or U-shaped desks. This allows our customers to figure out “how much desk they need” and what it is going to cost them.

A Variety of Furniture

Our price guide includes credenzas, hutches and student desks. Buyers can get flat rates on chairs, bookcases, shelving, refrigerators and tables. It’s all part of streamlining the process for the customer, and making purchasing transparent. It’s easy enough to tally up your costs sitting in the comfort of your own office, (among your family pictures and your own coffee mugs, etc.) and then make your buying decisions. Of course, if you have the time to swing by and look at individual pieces, we’re thrilled. That’s absolutely something our customers can do if they want to! In the end, it’s all about customer choice and customer experience. The best firms in any industry are catching on to that fact, and brainstorming ways to improve business processes to make things easier and more pleasant for their customers. The single flat rate pricing guide is just one of our efforts to enhance the process of buying for our diverse customer base. Take a look at all of our available catalogs online, or come on down to our Herndon showroom and talk to our knowledgeable and courteous staff about what you need for your office this month.

Feature Corner – Ball Bearing Sliders for Drawers


Feature Corner – Ball Bearing Sliders for Drawers
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

If you haven’t bought a lot of furniture over the years, or you haven’t really looked at how it’s put together, you might not really know the difference between different types of drawer sliders. But high-end cabinet makers, interior designers and other professionals know that some of the best options really provide a higher quality furniture installation. Investing in the best features gives your furniture a longer life span, but it also enhances everyday use. When you want the best purchases for your office, it helps to understand what’s on the market and how various options measure up. Ball bearings sliders are a major innovation in the furniture industry. Brand-new luxury kitchen and bathroom installations will often feature these next-generation sliders. Top manufacturers crow about adding these to their drawers. They are really a state of the art design improving on dated home furnishings.

What Are Ball Bearing Sliders?

In a ball bearing slider, the inner bearings are controlled by a ball retainer. This holds the ball bearings and allows the slide to move smoothly. These metal sliders also have different extension options, and are made with either linear or telescopic slides. A video from BBB shows how these types of sliders function.

Benefits of Ball Bearing Sliders

The reason that designers add ball bearing sliders to top-class drawer projects is because of the ‘look and feel’ that they provide. It’s great to have drawers that don’t knock around, but whisper-quiet operation is just one factor. There’s also a smoother, stable or experience of pulling a drawer out or pushing it back in. Where regular rollers can lead to that stiffness that you may feel using an older drawer, ball bearing sliders provide frictionless movement that really enhances your use of a piece of furniture whether it’s a desk, cabinet or other piece.

Implementation of Ball Bearing Sliders

At home and at the office, choosy customers are asking for this feature in top-of-the-line furniture pieces. Look closely, and you’ll probably see that the V.P.’s executive desk has ball bearing sliders as part of its innovative drawer design. Upgrade to these special rollers with new pieces of furniture from Mammoth Office Furniture – we strive to provide the highest quality for our customers as part of a mission to help make your offices look as great as they can, and add the right kinds of functionality for your business operations. With winter coming, it’s a good time to look at your furniture budget for 2019. Ask Mammoth Office Furniture about how to work a new set of furniture into your budget to get better ergonomics, better support, and a better impression for your office spaces. We deliver from our Herndon facility, also offering our special space planning and design services. Let us help you to make a splash with new furniture in your workspace.

Delivery On a Dime


Delivery On a Dime
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Let’s talk a little bit about some of the important logistics of getting you the furniture you need, when you need it. We all know that furniture delivery isn’t easy in the district, or even in the crowded neighborhoods on the Virginia side. Delivering desks and chairs isn’t like slipping a small UPS or Fedex package through the door – and delivery people have to be on-site for awhile. They also have to be tough enough to figure out how to get around obstacles and get the items where they need to be without damaging the building. Beyond that, you have a lot of traffic to deal with, as well as a lot of parking restrictions and other problems. On top of that, you have stormy weather which seems to pop up at the worst times. We’ve been in the furniture business for many years, and we know that while furniture buyers value quality and affordability, they also value good delivery. The customer experience is not as good if the customer has to wait weeks for their chosen items to show up on site.

Cutting Corners – And Delayed Merchandise

Some of those who have ordered from some cheap furniture companies or even online drop shipping resellers have had bad experiences where they waited far too long to get furniture on-site. It’s a hair-pulling experience, and honestly, it adds cost. If you don’t have what you need when you need it, you’re not getting the value that you paid for.

Dependability in Delivery

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we’ve done something simple that adds powerful capability to our business. We’ve simply scheduled the right number of people to do the job, and have the right number of vehicles on hand to make sure that our delivery schedules run well. We like to say that “neither snow nor sleet or freezing rain” will prevent you from getting your furniture on time. Now obviously, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration – we don’t have the resources of the U.S. Postal Service. However, what we do have is a set of experienced and qualified employees who know how to handle the road. Our schedules don’t fall apart at the slightest hint of a storm and our customers don’t wait weeks for a simple delivery. We’ve also put time into figuring out how best to navigate the big city to serve our customers. That helps us to avoid getting blindsided by irate parking cops and those long lines that you see anytime you venture onto the highways that go into and out of Washington, D.C. Good delivery is just one part of how we create a good customer experience. Come on in and see what we have to offer, and how we can help you with space planning and getting the right pieces of furniture and equipment into your workspace.

Get Ready for Q4 with Additional Office Furniture


Get Ready for Q4 with Additional Office Furniture
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

You might think that September and October are strange times to be buying office furniture – but in reality, a lot of furniture sellers see a spike in activity around this time of year, for a number of reasons.

The Autumn Chill

If someone has set up a new office that wasn’t fully furnished, it may be around this time of year that they start to realize people need a place to put their coats and hats and other belongings. Some might go for one of those classic floor-standing models with pegs, while others want more modern-looking installations that attach to a wall or shelf. Either way, that’s a new piece of furniture that has to go into the office building – and it has to be sourced somehow. An office manager is more likely to go to a retailer to ask about options than go and find an antique wooden standing rack in a thrift store.

Back to School

Furniture sellers also offer a wide range of desks for both workers and students. For example, if someone is looking for a new home office desk because they’re taking night classes or suddenly doing double duty as someone who is both working and going to school, a new desk can help support that busy schedule. Then there are the choices that are so often important to make – a sitting or standing desk, or a flexible or portable desk, or some other kind of model. Maybe style is important. We’ve been helping many clients to get their hands on neat, minimalist, post-modern-looking desks that are often clean and tidy to look at, and offer affordability because of simpler design principles.

Making Preparations

If you are one of those many businesses getting additional furniture in the door this time of year, remember that the holidays tend to put broad pressure on the retail industry. Due to the holiday rush that starts to happen earlier and earlier these days, shipping and delivery can be delayed. It helps to buy early and allow plenty of time for your purchases to get to you. At Mammoth Office Furniture, we love helping our clients with purchases to prepare for the months and years ahead. We know that furniture is more than just a commodity – that the choices that you make help set the stage for your success, and even the quality of life of the people who work in your building. Work isn’t just a process – it’s also a lifestyle choice – and your furniture purchases reflect that. Come in and let us help you with space planning and affordable office furniture and everything else you need to make this year pleasant and enjoyable and successful in Q4.

Laminate and Wood Veneer: Here Are Your Options

Mammoth-Office-Furniture_Herndon-Virginia_Laminate and-Wood-Veneer-Here-Are-Your-Options

Laminate and Wood Veneer: Here Are Your Options
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

If you don’t look too closely, you could be forgiven for not knowing that most of the wooden furniture you see in your average furniture store doesn’t really have much wood on it at all – or at least, it’s not built of solid wood.

Solid wood is really mostly a thing of the past. Today’s furniture often comes with either laminate or wood veneer. These are two choices for more affordable manufacturing that have pushed solid hardwood furniture into its own niche category.

So how do you choose between different laminate or veneer options?

Laminate Versus Wood Veneer

The first thing to know is that laminate doesn’t involve any wood at all, and is also much cheaper than wood veneer.

Laminate consists of a kind of synthetic material (not wood) applied to a substrate. The result is fairly durable and also can be easily cleaned. That makes laminate a good choice for some types of office furniture. The downside is that it’s not wood, and a lot of people might prefer wood veneer for its authenticity.

Another point about laminate is that if you’re going in the direction of choosing laminate furniture, you don’t have to have a wood-grain design at all. Any design can be fabricated in laminate – just look at some of our modern office furniture catalogs to see how customers are choosing modern solid color or minimalist designs. Laminate can fit the bill pretty well for an office that wants to invest in modernity while controlling cost. But for others, wood is still the way to go, and laminate might seem like a less viable choice.

The Appeal of Wood Veneer

For those who want wood veneer furniture, some of the benefits include the ability to sand or stain the surface. However, along with that, wood veneer will scratch and wear the same way that wood will, where laminate can be more scratch-resistant.

Now that you know a little about laminate versus wood veneer, it’s important to note that there are other ranges of options available in each category. There’s the choice between low-pressure laminate or high-pressure laminate – again, low-pressure laminate is cheaper, but often less durable. Buyers can choose from a range of options that will ultimately affect how they use the furniture.

In terms of wood veneer, there are different thicknesses of veneer to choose from. You can have a very thin outer layer of wood, or a thicker wood veneer for an even more authentic look and feel. In general, the standard is to go with wood veneer in a fraction of an inch – but it’s not hard to imagine how beefing up the thickness by a quarter of an inch or two can contribute to a more solid-seeming outer wooden surface.

Come in to Mammoth Office Furniture and we will help you sort through all of these options to come up with the best choice for your office furniture. We love helping our clients to balance price, style, durability, and the overall impression of the furniture they choose to make sure that they get the results they want.

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