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The Problem with E-waste


The Problem with E-waste
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

It’s the bane of the homeowner’s existence – over the past 20 years or so, technology took off and left us with an array of assorted cords, cables fasteners and pieces to deal with. The average house has baskets and buckets of these items just lying around – and offices aren’t immune from this problem, either. When the next newest thing comes in, the next-to-newest thing goes into the garbage or sits unused in a hallway or closet somewhere. Dealing with e-waste clutter can be difficult. You can’t just throw it away – electronic waste is a different category of trash that has to be disposed of by certain standards. This can cause serious headaches for office managers who need to optimize and utilize space.

Some Ways to Deal with E-waste

Office managers can plan ahead to try to tackle the growing problem of electronic waste, including extra cords and cables and gear that take up space when they’re not needed anymore. One key strategy is to identify the drop-off point. Too many people don’t know where take e-waste, and so they just leave it lying around. Local solid waste management may have special programs, or a local recycling service may have a destination point for e-waste. If you know where to take this stuff, you can drop it off in bulk … problem solved! However, it’s easier said than done based on hours, access and logistics.

Identify E-waste Policies

It’s also a good idea to create an overall policy on electronic waste. That way you know that something is happening to it – it’s not just flying around the facility. Some of these policy points can have to do with tagging and storage, and other policies can have to do with disposition of e-waste. Having a governing strategy for the entire process gives your business a shot in the arm in dealing with this type of electronic clutter – because if there’s already a problem, it’s not likely to get better without a concerted effort!

Create the Infrastructure You Need

Here’s another good tip – plan e-waste handling into your office design space setup. At Mammoth Office Furniture, we’re experienced in helping our clients to lay out and design office spaces with the right kinds of functional and ergonomic furniture to optimize business and boost productivity. We can help consult on how to hide power strips or position furniture near outlets, or anything else that has to do with maximizing the use of electronic gear and planning for when it becomes obsolete. Some of the functional items on our furniture pieces help to deal with cords and cables in specific ways. We can partner with you to make sure that you’re up to speed on e-waste policy and have the best space design plans in place. Talk to Mammoth about your next new office furniture plan – we can help!

Flat Prices on Used Office Furniture

Mammoth Office Furniture, Herndon, VA

Flat Prices on Used Office Furniture
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Did you know that at Mammoth Office Furniture, you can get a pre-owned executive desk for $375? That’s just one of the items we have in our used office furniture price guide. The easily accessible guide creates easy flat pricing for various types of used office furniture. That’s why we took the time to add this to our used furniture page! Buyers can get a multifunction task chair for $125, a 48” inch metal cabinet for $100, a six foot conference table for $250, and a coffee table for $100.

Creating Flat Pricing – What That Does for Customers

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we’ve found that a lot of our office buyers just don’t have the time and energy to move around the shop floor looking at various pieces and haggling on price. They don’t want to have to come in and look at various stickers to try to find out how the inventory is priced – they just want to see some kind of flat rate that they can use to estimate purchasing costs. We’ve made this incredibly simple, with a price guide that takes similar pieces and marks them at prices that make the buying decision easy.

Pricing by Size

One way that we establish this flat rate pricing is by specifying size estimates for various pieces. For example, going back to that executive desk, we’ve set that $325 price for a desk with dimensions of 36” x 72″. Or buyers can get a standard desk of 30” x 60″ for $275. You can see additional pricing for larger L-shaped or U-shaped desks. This allows our customers to figure out “how much desk they need” and what it is going to cost them.

A Variety of Furniture

Our price guide includes credenzas, hutches and student desks. Buyers can get flat rates on chairs, bookcases, shelving, refrigerators and tables. It’s all part of streamlining the process for the customer, and making purchasing transparent. It’s easy enough to tally up your costs sitting in the comfort of your own office, (among your family pictures and your own coffee mugs, etc.) and then make your buying decisions. Of course, if you have the time to swing by and look at individual pieces, we’re thrilled. That’s absolutely something our customers can do if they want to! In the end, it’s all about customer choice and customer experience. The best firms in any industry are catching on to that fact, and brainstorming ways to improve business processes to make things easier and more pleasant for their customers. The single flat rate pricing guide is just one of our efforts to enhance the process of buying for our diverse customer base. Take a look at all of our available catalogs online, or come on down to our Herndon showroom and talk to our knowledgeable and courteous staff about what you need for your office this month.

Mammoth Furniture: A Range of Solutions for Clients


Mammoth Furniture: A Range of Solutions for Clients
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Not everyone’s office furniture needs are the same. Sometimes companies don’t just need to scale or grow with new desks and workstations or office suites. Sometimes they just need temporary help – a set of furniture to set up in an empty space, just to keep up with everything that is happening in a building, without planning for the long term. Maybe it’s a corporate function where you just don’t have enough seating, or you need a particular conference setup to host a client coming in from out of state. Maybe a rush project or a storage issue or some other challenge leads to a situation where you need to move furniture around short-term and accommodate more people for a certain length of time. Those who are responsible for setting up office spaces know that it can be a challenging job. The company’s needs can change quickly. Mammoth Office Furniture help clients with versatile plans that involve long-term and short-term office furnishing choices.

Mammoth’s Rental Program

For a monthly fee, Mammoth Office Furniture offers tables and chairs and other sets that can be assimilated into an existing office area for special events or special uses. We can deliver ready-to-go conference infrastructure, or tables for demonstrations or hosting, or anything else from our catalog, and bill customers on a subscription basis – much like the cloud technologies that allow companies on-demand IT elasticity, Mammoth offers on-demand physical office infrastructure – to complement all of those other tools and resources that people need to get the job done.

Office Furniture Financing

In other cases, companies don’t want to rent – they want the delivered furniture to become an asset. They want to be able to have it on site indefinitely. But they may not have the budget for the big capital outlays that will get them the most impressive conference table or the largest set of workstations. Need a new furniture set without the price tag? Get easy financing from a trusted provider who will work with you to manage your office needs well. At Mammoth Office Furniture, we’re used to doing these type of financing deals – it’s no pressure, and no problem. Working with the Navitas credit company, we can offer flexible terms for financing for 12, 24, 36, 40 or even 60 months. This allows us to work with your budget and deliver higher quality furniture without forcing customers to raid the piggy bank or deplete their capital funds to furnish their offices. Along with our rental and financing programs, we offer customized design and space planning services, and the ability to source both new and used furniture that’s perfect for your offices. Talk to Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon about getting attractive high-quality furniture in place in your temporary or permanent workspace around the Washington D.C. Area, NOVA or beyond.

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