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The Problem with E-waste


The Problem with E-waste
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

It’s the bane of the homeowner’s existence – over the past 20 years or so, technology took off and left us with an array of assorted cords, cables fasteners and pieces to deal with. The average house has baskets and buckets of these items just lying around – and offices aren’t immune from this problem, either. When the next newest thing comes in, the next-to-newest thing goes into the garbage or sits unused in a hallway or closet somewhere. Dealing with e-waste clutter can be difficult. You can’t just throw it away – electronic waste is a different category of trash that has to be disposed of by certain standards. This can cause serious headaches for office managers who need to optimize and utilize space.

Some Ways to Deal with E-waste

Office managers can plan ahead to try to tackle the growing problem of electronic waste, including extra cords and cables and gear that take up space when they’re not needed anymore. One key strategy is to identify the drop-off point. Too many people don’t know where take e-waste, and so they just leave it lying around. Local solid waste management may have special programs, or a local recycling service may have a destination point for e-waste. If you know where to take this stuff, you can drop it off in bulk … problem solved! However, it’s easier said than done based on hours, access and logistics.

Identify E-waste Policies

It’s also a good idea to create an overall policy on electronic waste. That way you know that something is happening to it – it’s not just flying around the facility. Some of these policy points can have to do with tagging and storage, and other policies can have to do with disposition of e-waste. Having a governing strategy for the entire process gives your business a shot in the arm in dealing with this type of electronic clutter – because if there’s already a problem, it’s not likely to get better without a concerted effort!

Create the Infrastructure You Need

Here’s another good tip – plan e-waste handling into your office design space setup. At Mammoth Office Furniture, we’re experienced in helping our clients to lay out and design office spaces with the right kinds of functional and ergonomic furniture to optimize business and boost productivity. We can help consult on how to hide power strips or position furniture near outlets, or anything else that has to do with maximizing the use of electronic gear and planning for when it becomes obsolete. Some of the functional items on our furniture pieces help to deal with cords and cables in specific ways. We can partner with you to make sure that you’re up to speed on e-waste policy and have the best space design plans in place. Talk to Mammoth about your next new office furniture plan – we can help!

Spring Cleaning? Replace the Old Stuff!


Spring Cleaning? Replace the Old Stuff!
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

It seems hard to believe it’s almost springtime again. But we’ve been through so much cold and snow and slush that spring seems positively wonderful! As the robins start to sing again, you just might be trying to decide how to spruce up your office for spring cleaning. A spring refresh is a great way to power up productivity, improve morale and make your workspace just that much brighter. You and your coworkers spend massive amounts of time inside the office, so it pays to invest in quality furnishings and a good environment, not to mention ergonomics and comfort. If you’re wondering about which way to go with a spring office furniture refresh – WE GOT YOU! Mammoth Office Furniture has the affordable and attractive office furniture you need to really make a splash this spring. Take a look at items from our Canvas collection, which the company describes as “an effortless choice for realistic and stylish laminate product that gives you the warm aesthetic of wood.” Choose from colors like Sugar Maple, Williamsburg Cherry, Studio Teak, Columbia Walnut or Espresso Finish. You can also choose design styles that fit with what’s already inside your space; pull hardware options range from simple flat lines to curved contours, or tapered pieces that make your office look refined and impressive. When you look at these office suites, you understand the sleek, modern beauty of the Canvas collection. These clean lines really make an office look good and it’s easy to accessorize your desk, chair and cabinet with bulletin boards and other items. We choose to offer the Canvas collection because it looks so much like wood, but offers the benefits of having a laminate furniture set. This is made in the USA laminate furniture that goes well with a variety of styles and corporate settings. In addition, ask us about the bright new textile colors we get from our vendor Guilford of Maine – look for lemon, pool, turquoise and orchid upholstery colors to make chairs or sofas pop! We’re excited about offering all of this merchandise at 30% off of list price, as well as offering space design assistance for customers. When you’re out chasing brightly pastel Easter eggs or wearing your favorite brightly colored shirts and dresses to Easter celebrations, you can also be enjoying neat new furniture options where you work. Come on down to our Herndon, Virginia warehouse and showroom and look up all of the options that we offer for busy professionals this year.

Value with Style


Value with Style
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

If you’ve been in the office furniture world for a while, you know that for many buyers, it’s all about value. Value is king – it rules the balance sheet. It also greatly influences buy-in for any given business decision. Capex and opex are the pillars on which business revolves. So business buyers are absolutely going to be focused on value. Have you ever heard anyone ask about “ROI?” Do you know what it’s short for? That’s right – return on investment. The idea of getting “good ROI” has absolutely permeated the business world – especially as margins get tight. It even applies to items like office furniture. Back in the boom days when the Dow was spiraling up, some companies were profligate spenders. But now people – and companies – are getting more frugal and serious about how they spend their money.

Adding Value

Now by saying “value” above, we’re talking about the size of an expense. Keeping expenses lower adds more value, because it leaves the business more money to play around with. But it’s not really true value unless you factor in the results. Business people like to talk about “opportunity cost” – a type of economic approach that really looks at the full context of every business decision that you make. For instance – what are the costs of going with a particular furniture store measured against the cost of some other option? What about the value of having a seat in a nice, comfy chair? That’s a value, I’d say. There’s also the value of ergonomics, where having furniture that supports human health can reduce things like absenteeism and turnover, and boost others, like discretionary productivity and morale.

Adding Style and Utility

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we believe that you can get good value without sacrificing style or functionality. That’s why we’ve developed our flat rate Mammoth Office Furniture used price guide where you can see that you get simple flat rates on every unit that you purchase. What you also see when you visit our website is how we take care to refurbished and reconditioned furniture to a very high standard – you’re not just getting cheap furniture – you’re getting excellent furniture that comes at low prices. Here’s another example – working with our textile vendor, Guilford of Maine, we’ve come up with some stunning fabric and color choices including attractive lemon, pool, turquoise and orchid colors that help our business buyers get the bit most bang for their buck – helping them to create the most attractive and functional spaces while spending the least amount of money, or at least, conserving part of that operating capital. The sweet spot, in the eye of the buyer, is when they can get really good results without breaking the bank. We’re here to help you do that so come check out everything we have to offer at our Herndon, Virginia location.

The Student Model – Why Your Teams Outgrow the Office

The Student Model – Why Your Teams Outgrow the Office
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

When your kid gets his or her first guitar or violin or trumpet, they’re not likely to be carrying around a Stratocaster or a Stradivarius. Most people start off with the student model – it may have fewer features, or be smaller or be made a lot more cheaply. The idea is that you’re just starting out – and you don’t want to put too many resources into a decision that might only be temporary. Later, as the student learns the instrument better, he or she, or their parents or employers or other backers, might buy a bigger and fancier instrument.

Outgrowing the Initial Office Space

Businesses are like that, too. Suppose you started off with a few simple workstations that were composed of mediocre hardware at the time. Several years down the road, you’re scaling, and your hardware is also getting obsolete. So you have to grow. Think about the furniture that you use to set up an office. If you’re replacing the hardware and everything else, you really should be replacing the furniture, too. After all, it’s getting older, and in some cases getting more obsolete – and your staff is probably growing.

Transitioning with Mammoth Office Furniture

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we pride ourselves in helping customers to develop dynamic space planning. We don’t just sell furniture – we consult on how to renovate and improve a business space as the company makes progress in its markets. Think about some of the most impressive corporate offices that you’ve seen in the past few years. Do they usually have 1970’s style furniture or old beaten up desks and chairs? No – most of them switch up the furnishings to complement new items like those neat vertical fountains on the wall, or new flooring styles, and do a complete refresh to make an office look like a million bucks. Office managers don’t do these things just to make things look better – there’s good evidence that a visual refresh and an investment in new and ergonomic furniture can boost productivity, increase the reputation of a business, and ultimately help profits to grow. Ask Mammoth Office Furniture about how to move forward if you’ve outgrown your original office plan.

Please Have A Seat!

Please Have a Seat!
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Chairs wear out – that’s just a rule of nature. You don’t have to understand the scientific principle of entropy to know that after a while office furniture that gets used year in and year out starts to look a little ragged.

The question is, what do you do about it?

Office managers and purchasers that are looking for replacement office furniture have a lot of options. They can go to a showroom, or order pristine new pieces of furniture from drop shipping Internet sites. Everyone can buy everything at the press of a button – but what about when you really want quality?

After Your Purchase

A lot of companies go with bottom-dollar reconditioned or refurbished furniture in order to save a buck. But depending on where they bought it, this is not a great experience. The last thing you want to hear on a busy Monday is “hey, boss, my chair doesn’t work right!” It’s important that all of the complicated lift apparatus and ergonomic fasteners and other gear be well conditioned and fully functional in order to get the most out of buying office furniture – and if you think that sounds like a minor detail, think about setting up an office for 10 or 12 new hires at a time! Another part of good reconditioning for used furniture is achieving good clean and sanitary results. It’s not enough to just put used furniture back in circulation – without some kind of quality process to really re-condition furniture to a kind of ‘next to new’ condition, the buyers can really lose out. You don’t want to be left with threadbare, nasty smelling or musty chairs or items that look like they’ve been through a hurricane.

Quality Used Furniture at Mammoth Office Furniture

Here’s a solution – visit Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia and pick out what you want from a large inventory of high-quality pre-owned office furniture. Our chairs will look and feel like they’re nearly new – with all of the fasteners and gear properly attached or included in the accessory kits. That’s because we take the time and care to fully recondition our furniture – to make it ready to make your office look like a million bucks. Investing in a little bit of quality control brings a lot of value to our customers – it means they can be assured that what they get on the truck is going to be satisfactory to them and their workers. Take a look on the website and find out why so many busy offices make Mammoth Office Furniture part of their supply chain.

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