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Back to School – Looking for a Good Desk?
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

It’s that time again – all over the country, students of all ages are heading back to the classroom. From kindergarten to college, Americans are sharpening their pencils and getting their notebooks ready – and that means they are looking for everything they need to succeed!

Back-to-school season is always a big season for furniture retailers. Customers are looking for desks for young students who need a better place to study and keep their books and school supplies. Of course, some are also looking for a study desk for a commuting college student, or a home office desk for an adult who may be taking additional course work or starting a new career.

New and Used Desks Available at Mammoth Office Furniture

At Mammoth Office Furniture, we excel in helping our customers to find the best home desk solutions. Whether it’s a home office setup or a study desk, we can point our visitors in the right direction to get the furniture that will fit their budget while providing great results and long-lasting use.

With our extensive collection of new and used furniture, our customers have a lot to choose from. Take a look at these Aberdeen height adjustable bow front desks that really set the bar high for business or personal use. When you want a top of the line product, desks like these can be a good fit.

If it’s a student desk you’re looking for, you may want something a little more basic; for traditional wooden designs to fit into an elegant home environment, items like the Keswick table desk offer simplicity in design. Or here’s another choice from our catalog of suppliers –the Lorell Essentials Computer Workstation is just one of our designs that retails for under $300.

We also have used desks available: take a look at our Used Office Furniture Price Guide to get deals on desks and more. A 48 inch student desk starts at just $175!

Sitting and Standing or Adjustable Desk Options

Here’s another question you’ll want to ask when shopping for an office or study desk: what’s the best solution for your purchase, a sitting, standing or height-adjustable desk?

For business, standing desks are becoming extremely popular. Medical science is telling us that it’s a good idea to stand from time to time, to lower the pressure on the body’s circulatory system and generally to stretch your legs, preventing some of the problems we find come with long-term sitting.

On the other hand, for students, a standing desk is often unnecessary. Young people tend to be more active, and their studies don’t usually leave them sitting at their desks eight hours a day, so it may not make sense to invest in a standing desk model.

Come take a look at everything you can get for back-to-school time at Mammoth Office Furniture. Get great prices, excellent customer service and convenient delivery from our Herndon, VA location. We’re ready to help you bring your new desk home!