The Nuts and Bolts of New Office Furniture

The Nuts and Bolts of New Office Furniture
Mammoth Office Furniture in Herndon, Virginia

Most of us tend to think about furniture as just a commodity — it’s wood and glass and metal and upholstery that we pay for and get to spruce up our offices and serve a workforce. But that’s not really all of it. Too many companies have heard the siren song of cheap online ordering — they see a neat picture of a desk or chair or cabinet, and think how easy it can be to buy with a few clicks and get boxes shipped to the office. When these buyers are forgetting is the logistics of furniture installation — the assembly and the attention to layout, and the general logistics of improving rooms and spaces.

Detailed Assembly

Anything that you’re getting that requires assembly is going to take time. It’s easy to underestimate the labor burden of pulling screws out of plastic bags and attaching them to panels and components. But that’s not even the primary challenge of assembly – it’s true that you need to read the instructions carefully, and put all the pieces together correctly, but you also have to look at how your new furniture works with what’s already in in the office.

Looking Good and Working with Layout

In an office or any other shared space, layout is essential. How much room will you have between pieces of furniture? How wide will the aisles or halls be? Will you need cubicles or dividers? It’s hard to really visualize what things are going to look like when you’re ordering furniture out of boxes. That box doesn’t take up a lot of space — but the chair or desk or divider will. How will you move what’s already there to accommodate what you’re getting new?

Securing Excellence

If all of these above problems are kind of daunting, you might think about delegating the process to someone else. But can you trust that person to really do the job correctly? You might get some temp person or someone from an outside department, or someone who’s not immediately busy, to try to set things up from the box. What if something goes wrong? What if a piece of something falls apart, either directly after installation or much later? Does that create a hazard or liability? You can avoid all of this kind of consternation by going with Mammoth Office Furniture, where we have delivery and installation staff who are fully licensed and insured. That means even if something does go wrong, you have financial recourse. It also means you don’t have to rack your brain about how to set up the furniture in your office — you get actual human assistance with all of those nuts and bolts. For instance, we offer cubical sizing programs that give busy managers hands-on help with determining layout for both cubicles and the furniture that will go inside. This is just more than a nice little feature — it’s a necessary service for many of our clients, who really need to have some sort of turnkey installation service to keep things running smoothly. When your new furniture is delivered, you want it to look like it did in the picture — and you’re not really likely to get that with a scattershot online delivery strategy. You’re more likely to get those kinds of results with a trusted delivery partner who knows how to help you get the most out of your purchases. Contact us for your next office furniture project.